Single Well-Being Day Almost Makes Up For When University Tried To Sue Own Students

Students are excited for a single day off from online lectures they were never attending in the first place.

Members of the student body are reportedly pleased with the University’s newly instituted Well- Being Break, claiming that it “almost makes up for” when the University tried to sue the Graduate Employees’ Organization in the fall of 2020.

“It sucked that the administration tried to punish our GSIs for fighting for better COVID regulations,” said Sam Pearson, an LSA sophomore. “But I think that having a random Wednesday off in the middle of February shows that deep down, UM might really care about us.”

The mental health days were introduced after the typical week- long spring break was removed this semester to prevent student traveling and spread of COVID. Students are

reportedly considering “leaving the past in the past” by condensing their spring break partying into the “wildest 24-hours ever.”

“UM retaliated against us when we voiced our own COVID concerns by pressuring our most financially insecure student population with the prospect of immense debt,” said Max Leon, a graduate student in the history department. “But I’m considering shaking off some of those hard feelings on February 24th.”

At press time, GSIs were reportedly “open to forgiving” the direct threats to their employment when they learned that administration will include an additional Well-Being Break on March 23rd.

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