Thank Goodness! Bill Nye The Science Guy Has Changed His Name To Bill Nan The Science Man, But That Still Fits In The Song So We Don’t Have To Change It

Phew! We all know and love Bill Nye, but he really threw us a curveball last week when he announced that he was changing his name! We were all terrified that the days of shouting “Bill! Bill! Bill!” in physics class were over. But, saints be praised, Bill only made a couple minor adjustments! His new name is “Bill Nan The Science Man,” and that’s almost exactly the same! It even kept the rhyme!

We really dodged a bullet on that one, folks. Looks like we can still happily sing the anthem of the Science Man with minimal changes. The song we all know and love remains in our hearts as the science anthem we need. Thank you, Bill Nan, for educating us in science, and for preserving your iconic song for generations to come!

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