Car Making Irritating Noise, Won’t Shut Up About Ben Shapiro

Neighbors report hearing the car claim “facts don’t care about your feelings” from inside Foster’s garage.

Shelby Foster’s 2007 Toyota Camry recently started to make an extremely irritating noise, a constant chatter about the greatness of the conservative political commentator, Ben Shapiro.

The car was reportedly silent for many years, racking up countless miles. After hitting a pothole, it keeps quoting Ben Shapiro about the “ineptitude of government.”

“It’s really flattering,” said Ben Shapiro after hearing about the Camry’s appreciation for him. “It just goes to show that anyone can appreciate simple facts and logic, even a beat up 2007 Toyota Camry.”

“I was really surprised that my Camry was into this sort of thing. I mean I put a Hillary sticker on it in 2016 and there were no complaints. But now every time I turn the key I hear a grating noise droning on about how the podcaster and creator of the Daily Wire is a misunderstood genius.”

“It’s extremely distracting while I’m driving,” said Foster. “I asked it if it could quiet down, and it said ‘it’s a free country’ and just talked louder. Now I have to wear earplugs when I drive, it’s extremely inconvenient.”

At press time, the Camry was seen changing the station to right-wing talk radio and keeping its engine idling even when not driving, just to own the libs.

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