Dust Bunnies Unionize Against Spring Cleaners

The dust bunnies announced their new slogan of, “Spring is here, we won’t disappear!”

In a shocking development, reports are confirming that a large population of the nation’s dust bunnies have unionized against this year’s spring cleaners.

Edna Winthrop, the representative for DBU (Dust Bunnies United), explained the union’s mission.

“Every winter we settle in under people’s beds, in the corners of their living rooms, and behind their toilets. As soon as we’ve made a life for ourselves, that’s when they decide it’s time to bust out the brooms and feather dusters. Well this spring, we’re sticking up for ourselves.”

Collectives of dust bunnies have reportedly gathered in teensy picket lines with signs made out of toothpicks and sticky notes.

Felix Redbottom, a member of the San Diego chapter of DBU, shared his experience on the lines. “It’s tough going out there, especially with those scabs the stink bugs, they couldn’t care less about the cause.”

Upon hearing of the unionization efforts, homeowner Karen Cross commented, “What?”

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