Former BBC Intern Excited To Finally Watch Prince Philip Documentary She Worked On 15 Years Ago

Todd was reportedly glad that her work had "finally paid off."

Current Yorkshire area business consultant and former BBC intern Andrea Todd is reportedly thrilled to see the documentary on Prince Phillip that she worked on when she was employed at the network nearly two decades ago.

The 34-year-old mother of two was over-the-moon to see the documentary, made fifteen years before when the BBC first began to suspect that the Duke of Edinburgh was on his last legs.

The documentary, filmed in anticipation of the royal’s death, has been reportedly updated every year with new footage by every new generation of interns.

Todd was seen pointing at her television and excitedly shouting, “I edited that bit!”, referring to footage of Philip at Princess Diana’s funeral, already seemingly on death’s doorstep himself.

The former newsroom staffer reportedly “had a blast” as she finally got to see the fruits of all of the labor she did in 2006.

At press time, an optimistic Todd was seen calling the production team, asking if they needed help gathering images for Queen Elizabeth’s upcoming obituary piece.

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