Friend Who Already Took Class Acting Like She Has Centuries’ Worth Of Wisdom

Oliver was last seen at lunch, exchanging a knowing glance with the one other friend at the table who had also taken the class.

Reports are coming in that Sarah Oliver, who took Orgo II last semester, is acting like she has centuries’ worth of wisdom over her friends currently in the class.

“Oh, the exams? Don’t even get me started on those,” Oliver reportedly commented with a knowing chuckle.

Friends were reportedly slightly dismayed by the so-called life advice given by Sarah.

“She’s telling us about classes that, like, half of all students at this school have to take at one point or another,” said friend Katie Jacobson.

“Orgo wasn’t even that bad, to be honest,” reported Oliver with an exaggerated eye-roll. “It was Calc II that really got me. But I’m one of those people that has to start studying super early for every test, so I was fine.”

“The advice she’s giving us isn’t even really that great,” commented Johnny Finer, another friend. “She’s just saying to start studying early and find a good study group. Isn’t that kind of what you should do for every class?”

At press time, Oliver was seen recommending one professor over another, even though neither are teaching the course next semester.

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