Michigan Basketball Fans Revealed To Be True April Fools

Fans were disappointed to find that declaring "April Fools!" did not make the team's loss any less real.

Following the Michigan basketball team’s heartbreaking 49-51 loss to UCLA Tuesday evening, U-M students are realizing that they are actually the fools this April first.

After an exciting month following the team’s progression to the Elite Eight, fans were reportedly left feeling “bamboozled and embarrassed” when the team experienced a devastating defeat on Tuesday.

“I knew April was coming up. Honestly, I should have known better,” said LSA sophomore Jack Lindus. “I shouldn’t have fallen for it, but I got my hopes up.”

Michigan fans in Ann Arbor and across the country were allegedly victims of the “pinnacle of clownery” after expecting the team to advance in the tournament before immediately being proven false.

Experts confirm the move was “rooted in exceptional foolishness, the likes of which can only be rivaled by fans of the Detroit Lions.”

At press time, Michigan football fans were relieved that no April games are scheduled for this year.

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