Professor Just Wanted To Remind Class Of Assignment He Hasn’t Mentioned Since First Week Of Semester DueTomorrow

Students alleged that the final assignment could not be found on Canvas, and only in one line of 10 pt. font text on the syllabus.

In the second-to-last class meeting of AMCULT 300, Professor Martin Gravel made sure to remind his students that their final paper, which he had not mentioned since January, was to be turned in the next day.

According to Gravel’s syllabus, the assignment is a “fifteen to twenty-page paper, single-spaced, 1⁄2 inch margins, on the historical, political, and cultural impact of ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’ by Billy Joel.”

Some students were outraged that they had not been given any previous reminders about the paper. “Kinda messed up to drop that load on us at the last minute. Not even a two weeks heads up or anything,” commented junior Emma Seyborne.

Gravel has defended his actions, claiming, “As an educator, it’s my responsibility to make sure these kids keep up with due dates, and sometimes, you have to learn that lesson the hard way.”

After the announcement, sophomore Will Banks was seen dejectedly shutting his laptop and leaving to go purchase “as much Red Bull as my Blue Bucks can afford.”

Gravel has since posted a Canvas announcement that he has decided to “graciously” extend the paper’s deadline by eighteen hours.

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