“Will They Or Won’t They” Coworker Dynamic Not As Effective Over Zoom

Even nosy co-workers were put off by Zoom’s ineffective flirting functionality.

Heather Shelton was reportedly “disappointed” this week upon realizing that her “Will They or Won’t They” dynamic with coworker Matt Trembley is not as present now that their staff meetings are held virtually on Zoom.

The unfortunate realization came after Shelton’s repeated attempts to make tension-filled eye contact with Trembley were not likely to work now that they have to look directly into a camera lens, rather than across the employee break room.

“Matt and I… it’s complicated. We laugh and joke and have a good time. Seeing him is the best part of my day,” said Shelton. “But now that we don’t see each other in person anymore, some of the magic is gone. I’m truly not sure if we will or will not.”

Trembley, who previously worked in the office three cubicles down from Shelton, also commented about the couple’s lack of sexual chemistry in the virtual workplace.

“Heather is incredible. She’s smart, funny, gorgeous, and so captivating to be around in person. Now that I don’t see her from the shoulders down, I’m actually not as into her anymore. Not sure what that says about our water cooler conversation,” said Trembley.

At press time, Shelton and Trembley were found rekindling their flirtation in the private chat function of Zoom after checking that their messages were not being monitored by Human Resources.

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