Area Woman Holds Door Open For Friend, Entire Building

Woman holding open a door for a businessman walking in.
VanHoven was reported to have mumbled a barely-audible “You’re welcome” for each person who passed through the door.

Area woman Lisa VanHoven was seen last week leaving her job at 5:00, and after holding the door for her friend and coworker, Sarah, was stuck holding the door for the entire population of the building.

VanHoven allegedly meant to only hold the door for her friend, but a torrent of her coworkers, officemates, and building cohabitants were seen stampeding right on their heels.

Some more familiar people are quoted to have greeted VanHoven with a “thank you,” or a “have a nice day, Lisa,” but most simply shuffled out of the building without a word.

“It was really nice of her to step into that role,” said VanHoven’s boss, Eric Letchler. “It really takes initiative to volunteer as the doorman of the day. She’s getting a shout-out at our next meeting, that’s for sure.”

Numerous times, VanHoven was seen visibly contemplating leaving when there was a gap in the crowd, but she allegedly couldn’t bring herself to do so out of an abundance of politeness, and desire not to hurt anyone’s feelings.

VanHoven was later seen letting everyone cut in front of her at a four-way stop.

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