Couple In Horror Movie Also Having Marriage Problems

Couple in a living room after having an argument.
The Andersons were seen sleeping in two separate beds in the murky, obviously haunted log cabin.

Sources report that newlyweds Mike and Larissa Anderson, who recently rented out a quiet Airbnb cabin in the mountains, are also having some hints of marriage problems.

The couple, who have recently been experiencing some tension in their relationship, booked the dimly-lit getaway as a way to reconnect after what has been ‘a rocky year’ for them both.

“She’s so stoic all the time,” said Mike, “it’s like I can’t get through to her. She’ll just sit there, stone-faced, and give me one-word answers. I hope this doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that I slept with her sister, which we won’t find out until the third act.”

“After my miscarriage, which is implied but never overtly stated, things have been hard,” said Larissa. “I sure hope this doesn’t end in me getting possessed by some demon that might be a metaphor for the demons our relationship is facing.” 

At press time, the Andersons were seen going for an evening walk in the woods and hearing a suspicious twig snap.

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