Influencer Hawking Detox Tea Must Love Shitting

Woman sitting and enjoying some tea
“I had no idea Kaitlyn was a die-hard shitter,” commented one of Vaughn’s Instagram followers.

Fans and critics alike are recognizing beauty and fitness influencer Kaitlyn Vaughn this week for her recent sponsored posts promoting Herbal Way Detox Tea, presumably because “she must love shitting.”

Vaughn’s endorsement of the all-natural laxative beverage prompted speculation from some commenters that her enthusiasm for Herbal Way must be inspired by her “passion for pooping.”

“I’ve been following Kaitlyn for a while, and I think it’s so brave of her to support this new tea brand,” said Instagram user Cyndi Chase. “Not many women would be bold enough to open up about their love of drinking tea that makes them have absolutely colon-wrecking diarrhea, but Kaitlyn’s just that much a queen.”

Others have insisted that Vaughn’s sponsorship may have a negative impact on her young fans who are hesitant to embrace the burgeoning trends surrounding intestinal distress.

“smh, kaitlyn, do better. ur followers arent all Shitheads like u,” said one anonymous commenter, in response to Vaughn’s most recent post about Herbal Way.

At press time, Vaughn was seen negotiating a sponsorship contract with Charmin, specifically their Ultra Strong brand.

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