“I’ve Had A Rough Couple Of Weeks” Says Local Man Every Couple Of Weeks

Man sitting contemplatively on couch
Henning has reportedly walked around with his fly down for eight consecutive days.

Area man Chris Henning reported that he has had “a rough couple of weeks” in a statement mirroring the one he made a couple of weeks ago.

“This just hasn’t been my week,” stated Henning for the 37th consecutive week, “I got caught out in the pouring rain yesterday for the second time in 3 days. Just need to get through the week.”

“If I just finish my project by Friday, it’ll be easier from there,” said Henning, referring to a recent assignment for work, which has a weekend deadline.

“He’s had ramen twice a day and he wonders why it’s not getting better,” said Henning’s girlfriend Maya Sonders, “Last week, I saw him fall over in the living room, and around 50 Skittles fell out of his pocket.”

Henning was later seen smoking a bowl with a Miller Lite at 2 PM on a Tuesday.

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