John And Hank Green Combine To Form Omniscient, All-Powerful Jank Green

Reports indicate that looking into Jank Green's eyes transports your brain to Gus' from "The Fault In Our Stars."

This past weekend, popular authors and sibling duo John and Hank Green combined their physical forms into an omniscient, invincible human being who goes by the title of “Jank Green.”

Reports confirm that, with the humanities knowledge of John Green, successful young adult novelist, and science expertise of Hank Green, author and science educator, Jank Green has an IQ “worthy of the divine.”

Fans of the brothers from all over the country welcomed the news of Jank’s creation.

“John and Hank are both so smart, it makes sense that they would morph together to double their power,” said Shelly Terrence of New Jersey, a self-proclaimed superfan of Vlogbrothers. “With the two brothers in one body, there’s nothing Jank can’t know.”

Acquaintances of Jank confirm the fraternal hybrid “glows with the knowledge in the universe”. Eyewitnesses also report Jank phasing in and out through solid walls.

At press time, Jank Green was seen reciting every Crash Course script from memory.

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