Looks Like “He” Is A “She”!

A happy-looking man outside.

Hot dog! My dog’s a girl! Well, how about that? I could’ve sworn our beagle, George, was a boy, but it looks like she’s not! I can’t believe I didn’t notice until now. Guys, you’ve got to check this out. Look at all the cute little babies! George, why didn’t you tell us earlier? We wouldn’t have named you George if we had known you weren’t actually a boy. Wow guys, I can’t believe George did everything with us while being pregnant this whole time. I just thought he, I mean she, was a little heavy. Wait, if George is a girl, does that mean we should change her name? Should we call her Georgie? Or maybe Georgette? Nah, George is still the perfect name. But maybe we should buy her a tutu or a bell or a pink collar or something, just so everyone knows she’s a girl beagle and not a boy beagle. This is the best day ever!

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