Marjorie Taylor Greene Warns Of Vaccine-Laced Candy This Halloween Season

Pile of candy with the Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson logos on several bars.
Some parents were allegedly thankful that Greene gave them the idea of vaccine-laced candy for their kids as an alternative to shots.

In a series of tweets released last Wednesday, Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene discussed her view that COVID-19 vaccines were being “snuck into children’s Halloween candy” in an effort to mass-inoculate a larger percentage of children.

Greene began her thread claiming, “the Obamas, the Clintons, and all of CNN” are a part of this conspiracy to inject coronavirus vaccines as a way to “brainwash America’s children.”

The congresswoman elaborated saying, “It’s all part of the Marxist Left’s plan to indoctrinate our children into their cult. First it was teaching CRT in Kindergarten and making Mr. Potato Head non-binary, and now it’s trying to poison our kids with their ‘life saving science.’”

Greene explained that it was, “the duty of every patriot to make the ultimate sacrifice to check their child’s candy,” and that she would “personally be inspecting and consuming every piece of candy” her child received. Greene closed her thread saying, “except Whoppers, because Q told me Whoppers and anything with nougat is safe.”

When asked to comment on the congresswoman’s conspiracy theories in an interview on CBS this morning, Dr. Anthony Fauci simply walked out in frustration.

At press time, Greene had her account suspended from Twitter for a week after inappropriate remarks claiming Nightmare on Elm Street villain Freddy Kreuger was based off of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

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