New Tesla Model To Come With Extra Jingly Keys For Owners To Play With

R/elonmusk was reportedly transfixed for days after the announcement.

A new announcement from automaker Tesla reveals that their newest car will come with keys that are “extra jingly” so they can entertain new owners.

Tesla has been known to innovate the auto industry in incredible ways, from the fart horn to the square steering wheel. Tesla believes that the extra jingly keys will provide some joy to their eager customers because the keys are “just so shiny and fun”.

“We know how much our customers love new and exciting things,” said a spokesman for Tesla. “Drivers will be able to play with them and watch Doc McStuffins on the big iPad while using our auto-pilot feature.”

“I posted an early video of the jingly keys and it got, like, 6,000 upvotes on Reddit,” said Tesla investor Brian Sharfield. “These keys are much louder, shinier, and jinglier than any other company. Elon really cares about the little guy.”

Elon Musk, CEO and founder of Tesla, was vocal about the new feature on his new Twitter account. “BIG THINGS COMING,” announced Musk, accompanied by several rocket emojis. “BIGGER AND JINGLIER THAN EVER.”

Tesla owners are able to enjoy intermittent ads featuring the keys on all display screens in the vehicle.

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