Report: Friend On AUX Definitely Playing Sex Playlist

Relaxed and happy man sitting at dinner table
“At least it’s better than his Labor Day playlist,” reported one of Shay’s fellow partygoers.

Friends of junior Michael Shay came to a unanimous agreement Friday night that Shay was “most definitely playing his sex playlist” during his turn to DJ the gathering they attended.

“Yeah, really no question on that one,” remarked Shay’s close friend Ted Belman, “First song or two, we were puzzled, but just thinking ‘maybe it’s just a slower vibe tonight.’ Then, Mike fully puts on ‘Careless Whisper,’ and at that point, we all knew.”

“No one who’s been put in charge of auxing the party should play any song that could be described as ‘sensual,’” fellow partygoer Dina Lennon argued, “I mean, come on, man. We get it, you have a hookup playlist. Now was really not the time to bust that out, read the room.”

Party guests allegedly exchanged confused looks but eventually accepted the musical tone and swayed gently to such hits as “Lady In Red,” “Let’s Get It On,” and Boyz II Men’s “I’ll Make Love To You.”

At press time, friends expressed concern as to whether the sex playlist would ever be used again.

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