Report: Stick On Ground Looks Like Magic Wand

Stick on the ground that looks like a magic wand.
Weiss was allegedly thrust into memories of his childhood of playing make-believe wizard games when he saw the stick.

Area man Kent Weiss was reportedly delighted last Saturday after coming across a stick on the sidewalk that looked like, in his words, “a little magic wand.”

The slender oak twig was directly in Weiss’s way when he happened to spot it. Other people on the sidewalk noted his exuberance as he stopped to look at it.

The piece of branch was reported to be approximately ten inches long and mostly straight, tapering at the end into a point. Witnesses described the bottom part of the stick as “thicker” and “handle shaped.”

Weiss was seen reaching for the stick, as if he were drawn to its magical powers. Passersby claimed that he was “making way too big a deal” out of something that was “literally just a stick.”

The newly christened wizard was seen speedwalking home in order to test the wand out in his basement, in order to “keep [his] powers secret and his roommates safe.” 

Weiss was later seen hiding from a cloud that looked like a flying saucer.

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