Study Shows “Penis” Still Funniest Thing For Middle Schoolers To Write On Bathroom Stalls

According to the study, the second-funniest thing was an accompanying drawing of a phallus.

A survey of 1,749 middle schools from across the country has found that “penis” is still the most popular and hilarious thing for rebellious preteens to write onto the stalls of their schools’ bathrooms.

The study marks the eleventh consecutive year the word for phallic genitalia topped the list of bathroom graffiti ideas, beating out “your mom” jokes and enemies’ phone numbers by a large margin.

Though “penis” was still the most widely-used option for vandalism meant to garner a chuckle, the peace sign was still the most popular option for those wishing to make a political statement, but not having a whole lot of time to do it.

95% of schools were found to have at least five “penises” written in their bathrooms, and of those, 57% were found to have a drawing with at least one “penis.”

Though “penis” still reigns supreme, the survey found that Twitch usernames jumped fifteen places since first entering the list in 2017, threatening “penis”’s status in the future.

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