Avril Lavigne Admits That She Doesn’t Have Clone But Did Fake Moon Landing

Avril lavigne standing in front of a mic with a tie over a t-shirt.
Lavigne reports she has taken a break from music to focus on nefarious fakeries full-time.

Avril Lavigne has confessed that she did not die and get replaced with a clone rumoured to be named Melissa, but she did fake the moon landing. 

A conspiracy theory has been circulating for several years that the real Avril Lavigne is actually dead and a clone of her named Melissa has replaced her, but “Lavigne” is hoping to set the record straight. 

“Lavigne” reports, “People created a conspiracy theory connecting me to some bitch named Melissa, but they’ve got it all wrong. I’m sure not a clone, but I sure did fake the moon landing.” 

“Lavigne” claims that she was able to pull off the feat with simply a giant block of cheese, gray paint, and impeccable lighting. She additionally reports that she even got to play the role of “Neil Armstrong” who was apparently a real man and was actually the inspiration for “Avril’s” hit song “Girlfriend.”

A cult called `”It’s Complicated” has formed around “Lavigne” that supports and believes her claims about faking the moon landing. “All it takes is some good lighting and creativity which Melissa obviously has as seen from her wonderful music videos,” reports cult leader “Paul McCartney.”

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