Second Graders Collecting Swear Words Like Pokémon Cards

Two kids playing on a slide
The students of Mrs. Smith’s class allegedly calculated that the power of the ‘f’ word is twenty times the power of the ‘s’ word.

According to recent reports, students of Mrs. Smith’s second grade class are collecting swear words “as if they were Pokémon cards”.

“I slipped by saying ‘ass’ the other day, and it was over,” commented Mrs. Smith “I don’t even care if they swear I just wish they knew how to do it right.”

Students of the second grade class are reported to have collected an impressive amount of swear words.

“I know the ‘p’ word and the ‘s’ word,” claimed 9 year old Tiffany Chase. “Marcus said he knows the ‘T’ word, but he’s a nerd, so I doubt it.”

“Last night, I heard my mom call my dad the ‘D’ word,” said 2nd grader Thom Clemmons. “I’m the only person in my class who had even heard of it!”

“I wanted to trade my ‘L’ word with Timmy for his ‘J’ word, but he wouldn’t let me,” commented student Sarah Ware. “The ‘J’ word isn’t even that rare. I totally could get it from Luke.”

At press time, students were heard discussing the existence of a possible “k” word.

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