So… Is There A Mrs. Worldwide?

Heyyyy. I absolutely love your Pitbull costume. No, for real, it’s so funny. He’s, like, bald and stuff. And wears sunglasses. You totally look like him in that bald cap and those sunglasses you got from 7/11 or something. Honestly, how did you even think of that costume? Literally so funny.

Seriously, you’re like a comedy king. Like, it’s for real so cool that you went as Pitbull. I even think they’ve like probably played some Pibtull songs tonight. We at the hotel motel Holiday Inn! Anyway. You know. I don’t have someone to take to the hotel room tonight…. Was that too forward? Anyway, did I mention how your suit is literally just like the one Pitbull wears?

You have hair under that bald cap, right? I’d like, assume so, because otherwise you probably wouldn’t need a bald cap. Honestly, it doesn’t even matter at this point. So anyway… is there like… a Mrs. Worldwide? Haha.

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