So, It Was The 90s…

By A Guy About To Describe Some Fucked Up Shit

Hey guys, you just made me remember the best story I have. So it was winter of ‘96, and my friend John and I were on a plane heading over to France on vacation, when this guy who was smoking…

No, no, no. Wait, hear me out. You have to understand, it was the nineties. Things were different then. 9/11 changed everything. I mean, it was practically a whole different world before then.

Listen, I know it sounds really bad, encasing cigarette smoke in an airtight airplane for a nine hour flight, but I promise this was totally normal. People smoked on planes all the time!

No, I don’t think I’ll experience any adverse side effects as a result of being exposed to smoke on public transportation for my entire youth. Like I said, everyone was fine with it.

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