Supply Chain Issues Prompt Men’s Wearhouse To Stop Renting Out Men

Picture outside of a mens wearhouse.
It is currently unknown whether Men’s Wearhouse plans to continue the service in the future.

Spokespeople for Men’s Wearhouse have announced that the retail chain will reduce its stock of “big, brawny, beefy men” for rental due to supply chain issues across America.

“Due to supply chain issues, we’ve unfortunately decided to take the wide selection of men out of our stores and will be solely focusing on menswear,” the chain announced on Twitter last week. 

The decision has been met with mixed reviews from loyal customers.

“Gone are the days where I’d stop in for a new tie and leave with a new best friend to go to Arby’s with,” lamented one customer, Michael Jones. “What, I’ll just have to go out and make friends by myself?” 

“I think the decision will reduce a lot of confusion,” reported another customer, Laura Blake. “I stopped by to rent a tux for my son’s prom last year, but picked the wrong option and ended up with a tuxedoed man for the night.” 

Continued Blake, “I had to send that guy to prom with my son’s girlfriend instead just to get my money’s worth.” 

Men’s Wearhouse is not the only clothing chain reducing offerings due to supply chain shortages. Last week, Old Navy announced that they’d no longer be supporting other branches of the military, and Dick’s Sporting Goods limited their offerings to only sporting goods.

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