Well, Michigan Was Really My Last Choice

Hi, I’m Jake, I sit by you in Calc? Nice to meet you! Haha, class was crazy today right? Gotta love derivatives. So, what are you majoring in? English? Oh, that’s so different! Yeah, I’m a STEM major myself. You know, Michigan wasn’t really my first choice, believe it or not.

Yeah, I got waitlisted from Yale, Harvard, UChicago, and Princeton. Michigan was my very last choice.

I actually cried when I accepted my admission here. It’s just that compared to schools like Harvard, Michigan is absolutely nothing! I was, like, basically accepted. I was on the waitlist but, you know, they can’t take everyone. I heard admissions this year was super crazy, you know, because of Covid and stuff. Yeah, on a normal year, I would’ve totally gotten in.

But it’s alright! I feel like I’ve found my place here in Ann Arbor. At first, I was super upset about going to this idiot school full of the intellectual scum of the earth, but now it’s, like, totally cool. Loving the dining halls. Oh, this was your top choice for college? Wow, that’s so, uh, realistic of you! Oh, here’s my stop. Gotta go do homework— I have so much today. Probably more than you, English major. Haha! Okay, well, see you tomorrow. It was great meeting you!

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