Letter Q Drops Sesame Street Sponsorship Following Big Bird Vaccine Controversy

The letter Q giving a press conference.
The rest of the alphabet was seen condemning their coworker for his bigoted views.

Following Sesame Street star Big Bird’s controversial tweet confirming the feathered fellow was vaccinated against COVID-19, the letter Q has ceased sponsorship of any further episodes. This is a move that has been questioned to be related to the letter’s suspected alignment with the QAnon movement. 

When asked for comment about the situation, the letter Q expressed concern with what beliefs the post communicated to the Sesame Street viewers on Twitter, reflecting the large politicization of the vaccines throughout the US public. 

“I can’t continue to support a show that pushes the liberal agenda on America’s impressionable youth,” said Q in a public statement last Friday. “What’s next, the word of the day being ‘Kamala’?” 

Q also communicated some distaste with the fact that the series had not taken his suggestion to educate children about the alleged return of JFK Jr., as well as not having brought Marjorie Taylor Greene on the show to sing a song about colors. 

At press time, executives at the show were creating the series’ first anti-vaxx muppet in hopes of gaining back the sponsorship. 

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