Schlissel Unsure About Life After Resignation, Thinking About Going To Grad School

University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel in graduation robes at commencement ceremony
“I’m not sure what the next step will be during my pension,” said Schlissel.

University President Mark Schlissel is reportedly unsure what he wants to do after he resigns in 2023, but is thinking about going to grad school.

Stepping down a year earlier than planned, Schlissel is still coming to terms with what he wants to do with his life after resignation. “Not sure, maybe grad school?” said the current University head when asked by his parents. “The job market is terrible right now. It seems like staying in academia might be the smartest choice.”

Schlissel is also reportedly concerned about his admissibility to many graduate programs. Those close to Schlissel say he is worried admissions committees will pass him over for someone “less complicated.” He has also stated he is “not counting on getting a positive recommendation letter after receiving a vote of no confidence from the faculty.”

The university president is also faced with a competitive real estate market, as his housing is tied to his employment with the university. “I might take a gap year and backpack across Europe,” said Schlissel. “It’s either that or moving back in with my parents.”

At press time, Schlissel was heard wondering if he needed to take the GRE.

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