1930s Gangster Studying A Broad

Black and white image of man looking at woman
When asked what else he was studying, Angelini simply responded, “Ya mutha.”

On Tuesday, high school senior Victor Jordan was reportedly studying for his upcoming history exam when he saw an image of a 1930s gangster studying a broad.

The gangster in Jordan’s “Our Country Tis Of Thee: Discovering America!” textbook, Anthony Angelini, was “meticulously looking at the smoking dame with diligence, admiring her from afar.”

Jordan allegedly imagined Angelini saying something scrutinizing such as “I got your number, babydoll,” or “You can’t fool me, dollface.”

Sources claimed it was clear that Angelini was especially circumspect on the next page of the textbook, scrupulously inspecting the ole heifer with a wary, chary glance.

“My God, how much more do I have to hear about this dude studying a broad?” Jordan cried.

According to Jordan, Angelini discovered on the next page that the broad was, in fact, now studying him. The broad, who was not named, peered into Angelini’s eyes “with an impenetrable vivacious verve” on page 483.

At press time, an excerpt of the textbook mentioned that Angelini was considering taking the gal on a trip overseas.

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