Compliment From Gynecologist More Psychologically Scarring Than Flattering 

A woman at the gynecologist.
Rhinehart was also reportedly “disconcerted” after her proctologist called her colon “substantial.”

SMTD junior Kayla Rhinehart is in a state of shock following a gynecology appointment during which her doctor gave her a compliment “more psychologically scarring than flattering.” 

According to Rhinehart, the Music Theory student scheduled an annual exam with the University Health Service Gynecology and Sexual Health Clinic, expecting her physician, Dr. Alice Wentworth, to complete the routine evaluation without incident. However, Wentworth made a particular comment that, while well-intentioned, “has emotionally devastated [Rhinehart] and shaken her to her very core.” 

Rhinehart recounted the moment she realized Wentworth was offering the life-altering compliment: “It didn’t hit me that hard at first. I was just like, ‘Oh, cool, I guess that’s nice. Who wouldn’t want an ample cervix?’ But then, it started to hit me that I’m gonna have to know that forever.” 

“Every time I have sex or get my period or something, I’m gonna think about that now,” said Rhinehart. “‘Ample cervix?’ What the fuck does that even mean? Like, I’m sure it’s fine, but how can I just continue to lead a normal life knowing my gyno thinks my cervix is so exceptionally ample that it warrants mentioning?” 

At press time, Rhinehart was seen debating if she should consult CAPS for her mental wounds or “if they would even be equipped to handle something so traumatic.” 

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