Hot Dad Only Has Daughters

father holding his two daughters
Lowe was seen later teaching his daughters how to shoot a basketball.

Recent reports are confirming that area hot dad George Lowe has three daughters and no sons.

According to witnesses, 45 year-old Lowe’s 9/10 face combined with his effortlessly wry and cynical sense of humor and detached demeanor have led residents of his neighborhood to believe “he must be surrounded by estrogen.” The report confirms suspicions that Lowe is “a true family man.”

“He’s totally giving Ryan Reynolds,” said 27 year-old Whitney Garrison. “I saw him playing catch with his middle daughter, and I just started swooning.” Other witnesses confirm Lowe is “comfortable in his masculinity” and that he “often leaves the house wearing princess dresses to match his daughters.”

The news is reportedly boosting Lowe’s reputation from “a good- lookin’ guy” to an “absolute hunk.”

“George has always been really handsome, but something about him only passing down the X chromosome makes him a total heartthrob,” said 29 year-old Parker Stimson. “He just seems more trustworthy, somehow. And funnier.”

Later, Lowe was seen telling neighbors that he doesn’t need a son to carry on his legacy, because his daughters “are already on their way.”

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