Hulu Disturbed To Learn Customer Password Fraud “Goes All The Way To The Top”

Hulu executives were reportedly “distraught” when they found that someone with a $900,000 salary could not afford two subscriptions.

Popular broadband streaming to learn that “customer password service Hulu released a statement fraud goes all the way to the very this past weekend expressing top,” following the publication their shock and disappointment of former UM President Mark Schlissel’s email records.

“We knew password fraud was a common occurrence,” said company spokesman Herb Lewis. “But we never knew it could be committed by such a reputable and well-known public figure.”

“You have my HuLu [sic] credentials, right?” asked Schlissel, to the chagrin of customer integrity professionals in Hulu’s corporate office.

“And when it asks you ‘who’s watching’ just click Mark,” said the disgraced former president in an email to his mistress, causing Hulu’s fraud department to let out a collective sigh of disappointment.

It was later reported that Hulu was working on fixing this problem, while Mark Schlissel was committing the same crimes to watch Euphoria on HBO Max.

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