Local Dude’s Smoke Session Ruined By Forgetting To Turn On His Fairy Lights

Image of bright fairy lights filling a bedroom.
Jerry also reportedly forgot to open the window a little.

Local dude Trevor Jerry’s night time smoke session was ruined by his forgetting to turn on the fairy lights in his living room.

Jerry reported his exact words after realizing his mistake were, “Oh shit bruh I forgot the fairy lights fuckkkk, smoke sesh ruined dude, the vibes are so off.” He reported his fellow “dudes” had similar reactions.

A 2021 study from Cambridge showed that nine out of ten smoke sessions are ruined by the “main bro forgetting to turn on his gold tinted fairy lights.” Additionally, every smoke session in which the “main bromie” forgot to turn on his beautiful orbs of light has been considered “an epic fail.”

Jerry’s friend, Cole Brendan, reports, “This isn’t even the first time Trevor’s done this. Like bruh, forget the fairy lights once, shame on you. Forget the fairy lights twice, I need to be doing my smoke sessions at a better joint… a classier institution if you will.”

At press time, Jerry was seen making it up to Brendan by purchasing another set of fairy lights in the shape of marijuana leaves.

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