M&M In Trail Mix Experiencing Imposter Syndrome

Bowl of M&M's on a table but one of them has a very distraught face.
The M&M is reportedly scared that it won’t be able to live up to expectations.

A lone M&M in a trail mix bag is reportedly experiencing imposter syndrome. 

The M&M occupies a reusable container with granola, raisins, dried cranberries, peanuts, cashews, and pretzels. The candy-coated chocolate is reportedly feeling ‘out of place’ to those around it despite achieving similar status. 

“I don’t belong here,” reported the M&M. “I don’t even have the illusion of being a healthy snack. They probably looked at my nutritional information wrong when they put me in here.”

The other members of the trail mix did little to quell the M&M’s fears. “I’ve worked my whole life to be in a trail mix,” said a dried cranberry. “I’m not sure if the M&M understands that. But, I guess it’s good to bring in different perspectives.”

Katie Bradford, who made the trail mix, disagreed with the M&M’s assumptions. “The M&M’s are my favorite part of the mix,” reported Bradford. “I just endure the other junk because they’re healthy. M&M’s are everyone’s favorite.”

The chocolate snack, however, was not reassured. “I’m probably only here so they can have a good laugh at my expense,” said the teary M&M. “They’ll probably see right through my colorful exterior straight to my inadequate chocolate center.”

At press time, the M&M was reportedly being asked by the other snacks what part of the food pyramid it was from.

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