Winter Ski Mask Sales Most Popular Among Men In Black And White-Striped Shirts

Man wearing a ski mask and black & white striped shirt.
Store owners also report a surge in the sale of black eye masks.

A recent report from the U.S. Department of Commerce has confirmed that the demographic that purchases the most winter ski masks is men wearing black and white-striped shirts.

“These customers in striped shirts are also the most likely to pay for their purchase with money stuffed into a large burlap sack with a big dollar sign on it,” reported the lead researcher Harold Tunsil.

Common purchases along with the winter ski masks include dark gloves, black pants, crowbars, and guns. In several instances, the individual in the black and white shirt will purchase the mask, only to immediately demand all the money in the register.

“Our storefront is right across from a bank, and many of our customers will go across right after their purchase,” reports store owner Martin Phearson. “I guess ski trips are getting expensive. And only taking cash.”

Around press time, several customers who purchased the ski masks were seen driving away very fast from the scene.

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