Report: Spider On Outside Of Windshield

Picture of a spider hanging on someone's windshielf as they drive
The spider went from being “an invader” to “a cute little castaway” in a split second.

After a whirlwind investigation, passengers in a Honda Civic recently confirmed that the observed spider on the car’s windshield was “thankfully” on the outside. 

“I was freaking out real bad, almost crashed the car,” said Austin Muller, the driver of the Civic. “That is, until my buddy in the passenger seat looked real close and saw the little guy was just hitching a ride on the outside.”

The spider was allegedly “crazy big.” The passengers reported that they were “fine” with the creature being separated from them by glass, but made it known that there would have been an issue if the spider “had any possible access” to their bodies.  

“I did have to second guess my judgment. I thought ‘wait, is this guy fooling us? Is he actually on the inside, ready to attack?’,” said Pete Decker, the car’s front passenger. “Then I mustered up the courage to try to touch him and nope, he was just on the outside. Completely harmless.”

Other drivers reported the Civic in question to have sped up, as well as “sporadically” turned on the windshield wipers, which Muller confirmed was in an attempt to “see if [the spider] could hold on.” However, the spider was allegedly located outside the reach of the windshield wipers. 

At press time, Muller and Decker were reportedly planning out how they were going to exit the car without going near the spider.

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