Area Woman Super Cranky Before Morning Cocktail Of Stimulants

Cup, vape, prescription bottle, and empty food container with fork on table
Later that night Sanford reportedly texted her friend at 4 AM wondering why she was unable to fall asleep.

Senior Isabella Sanford recently remarked to friends that she’s “soooo cranky before [her] morning coffee, 50mg Adderall, and eight nicotine hits.”

“Ugh, literally don’t even talk to me before I’ve had my morning pick-me-up,” Sanford was seen
remarking to a roommate, before chasing an iced coffee sip with a Juul rip.

Friends of Sanford reported that she used to be much more of a “chill, green tea, weed and Xanax person.”

“Izzy can be suuuch a bitch before that morning cocktail of stimulants,” jokingly reported Louise Vaughn, a friend of Sanford’s. “I’ll try to talk to her, and she’s like, ‘… but first, Ritalin.’ She needs to make T-shirts or something, seriously.”

At press time, Sanford was seen shotgunning three Monsters to “fight off that midday slump.”

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