Barnes And Noble To Reintroduce Books In Stores

child looking at toys in a barnes and noble
Amazon also plans to return to “just books” following the success of Barnes & Noble’s move.

Nationally recognized toystore Barnes and Noble announced plans to reintroduce books into their stores.

“We figured it was time to bring books back into the mix,” stated company CEO James Daunt. “After all, we figured our collection of CDs was a little outdated. Since vinyl has made a comeback, maybe books can too.” The booksellers were seen drafting plans to put the novels somewhere in between the toy section and the cafe.

The announcement came with mixed reactions from long-time Barnes and Noble patrons. “I understand the logic behind it,” said regular customer Makenzie Brazier. “But I hope this doesn’t come at the expense of their magazine rack. I mean, where else am I supposed to buy toys for my niece?”

Barnes and Noble employees were seen scrambling to unload the shipment of books, each one reportedly sustaining several papercuts, and replacing the aisles of legos with the paperback relics.

Customers were later seen trying to read the books by swiping their fingers across the covers to turn the page.

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