Friend With Peanut Allergy Bitching About Throat Again

Picture of a woman apparently choking and attempting to drink a glass of water.

According to recent reports from friends of Lucy Bonner, the peanut-allergic woman was “bitching about her throat again” following an alleged encounter with a Reese’s cup.  

“She kept whining about wanting her EpiPen,” said Scott Parker. “I could barely understand what she was saying, all I could think was, ‘Again with that thing?’”

The incident was reportedly not the first time Bonner has “been a big baby about peanuts” around her friends. She was described to have a penchant for making her allergy “everyone else’s problem.” 

“Lucy should really have figured this out by now,” said friend Kieran Welch. “How did this even happen a second time? It’s easy, just don’t be around peanuts.” 

Bonner’s “constant fussing” about her puffy eyes and throat closing up has been met with increasing irritation. Her housemates have reportedly threatened to instate a “peanut-free” table in their home if she continually fails to “get her issue under control.”

While Bonner could not be reached for comment, she has allegedly been given the nickname “the girl who cried peanut” by her friends. 

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