Granddaughter Graduating With Honors Despite Nose Piercing

A nose with a septum piercing.
Graduates’ parents were surprised to see a student graduating with 4 ear piercings.

 Area man Horace Upson’s granddaughter Cameron Feelborn is reportedly on track to receive her degree in Electrical Engineering with honors, despite the nose ring she “stupidly” elected to get her freshman year.

“I have to say, I’m pretty surprised,” said Upson. “And she graduated in three years, too. I really thought she had let herself go with that face penetration thingy.”

Audience participants over the age of 45 were shocked to learn Feelborn wasn’t “crashing the ceremony” when she grabbed her diploma from the Dean. “I really thought she was going to hop off and crowd surf, or something,” said someone’s father, 58. 

“I don’t know, maybe that metal in her nose conducts electricity, or something,” said Upson of Feelborn’s feat in the electrical engineering field.

After further consideration, Upson reported that, though he normally would consider engineering a “man’s job,” it may also be suitable for a “sort of rebellious woman” with a nose piercing.

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