“I Can’t Have Anymore, Get These Away From Me” Says Woman Referencing Childbirth Habit

A group of mothers are playing with their children in a classroom
Charlton also remarked that “these are dangerous” in reference to seeing her youngest child smile.

Guests of Maryanne Charlton’s book club meeting were reportedly “confused and concerned” after their host dismissively asked them to get her children away from her, saying that she “can’t have another one.”

Charlton passed her newborn child Jack to her best friend Cheryl without looking at either of them as she reached for the bowl of mixed nuts on the coffee table. 

The mother of five, snacking on a plate of finger sandwiches, was seen shooing her youngest daughter Amanda into her bedroom so that her group could continue their discussion on Diana Gableton’s latest novel.

“She was always so excited to have kids,” reported Charlton’s husband David. “But I guess after the last one, she just feels like she had too many.”

As Charlton’s oldest child, Danielle, returned home from swim practice, Charlton was heard saying that “once you have one, it’s just so hard to know when to stop,” as she reached for her third glass of Chardonnay.

At press time, Charlton was seen talking to her husband about the possibility of “maybe having just one more.”

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