ÖÖÖÖÖ: These Words Could Really Use An Umlaut!

An upper-and-lower-case O-umlaut

It’s that time of year again! The Every Three Weekly is honored to present another edition of our Annual List of Words That Could Really Use An Umlaut. And a week early no less! Our panel of industry expert judges have spent the past 51 weeks rummaging through dictionaries to bring you the definitive list of words that so dearly deserve to be graced by this hallowed diacritical mark.


Following years of making our shortlist, “Laüra” has finally done what it takes to merit these funky little dots over their ‘u’. Maybe if they keep up the good work, they’ll earn a second pair over an ‘a’! We won’t tell you which one, though.


After asking so kindly, how could we say no?


A powerhouse on this list, “Täkë” is back for the fourth year in a row. We don’t even have letters to put these umlauts on anymore! But with the performances that this verb puts on year after year, it’d be criminal to deny them a spot on this list.

Name a more inspiring rags-to-riches story. A poor word from mid-dictionary with only two letters to their name, “Më” reminded us all that it’s not where we come from, but rather where we’re going.


I mean is anyone surprised? After the year that “Bäck” had, everyone knew they’d be on this list.


A dark horse in this year’s nominated class, “Ï’m” impressed judges with their scrappy fighting style and do-or-die attitude. We can’t wait to see what incredible stuff they accomplish this year with their new set of diaeresis.


Everyone loves to hate “Bëgging.” Love ‘em or hate ‘em though, you can’t argue with their dedication to the game and their willingness to do anything to come out on top.


C’mon. This was a given.

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