Report: Area Man Buying Skim Milk Just Gonna Glance Over Label

A man at the store is staring at a bottle of milk trying to read the contents.
Kady had barely read the nutrition facts before attempting to purchase the milk.

Sources confirmed that, while selecting skim milk in the dairy aisle, area grocery shopper Kareem Kady “only glanced over” its label.

Bystanders were abashed at the incident that they had just witnessed. Among the many appalled was local shopper Sherry Cole, who “nearly crashed her cart upon witnessing [Kady] just quickly scan over his fat-free milk.”

When pressed for comment, Kady reported, “Yeah, I just looked over it quickly. The label was literally telling me to do that.”

According to reports, Kady made it to checkout “without even checking out the nutritional information.” Allegedly, while scanning his items, the store clerk Whitney Meadows caught on to Kady’s cluelessness. 

“Holy cow!” Meadows muttered as she scanned the carton of milk, “What a dimwit. Who just casually runs their eyes over something as important as fat-free milk?” 

Sources last saw the serial browser arriving home, giving lots of focus to the factual data on the side of his Fruit Loops but simply glancing over his skim milk.

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