Report: Jake From State Farm Called Himself That Before Even Working There

Picture of Jake from State Farm sitting on a couch in a commercial
Jake from State Farm reportedly changed his name before State Farm even began advertising.

Investigative journalists doing a deep dive on the classic State Farm character, Jake from State Farm, uncovered that Jake from State Farm called himself “Jake from State Farm” before even becoming the spokesperson.

People who attended elementary school with Jake from State Farm have told reporters that the highly acclaimed mascot asked people to call him “Jake from State Farm” back in fourth grade when he began wearing a red shirt with khakis that same week.

“He changed his name, and suddenly he’s a big shot now,” reported old classmate Peter Oskellow. “Chris Paul and Patrick Mahomes wouldn’t hang out with him if they knew his name was actually Bob Teenie.”

Jake from State Farm’s representatives from State Farm have published a response to these claims entitled “Regarding Jake from State Farm, from State Farm.”

“We admired his dedication. He’s like a good neighbor to us,” stated State Farm in the statement. “He showed up on his first day in a red State Farm car with, what he said was, a ‘custom inside for customizable insurance.’ We don’t even make those.”

At press time, Jake from State Farm was seen pursuing advice about obtaining a legal name change from his friend Flo from Progressive.

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