Life Flashing Before Eyes Kind Of Like Little Movie

Unfortunately, the little movie only scored a 47% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Hospital patients across the nation have reported being treated to a “little movie” right inside their heads moments before their demise.

“It was cute, like a highlights reel, kinda. Everyone I knew was there,” reported a late, anonymous patient. According to the student, the experience consists of the mind replaying the student’s life, beginning at their birth, continuing through childhood and into young adulthood.

Because of its progressive structure, the experience allegedly has a “cinematic” arc, though the restless, perturbed souls of film critics were quick to note the experience was too fleeting to be “real cinema.” Several critics suggested that the montages in Rocky are a more apposite comparison.

The profound mystery of consciousness, evidence of human spiritual transcendence, and paradox of beauty in death was reviewed positively by many students.

“Yeah, it was cool, I guess,” another patient communicated through a Ouija board. “A little boring though. I had already seen it all. Spoiler alert much?”

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