Bitch Mom Doesn’t Understand That Literally Everyone In Eighth Grade Wearing Crop Tops Now

girl holding a crop top
Scores of dresses have also been declared “not too low-cut” for the fall dance.

Area mom and alleged “total bitch” Terri Hanson seemingly doesn’t understand that “literally every other girl in the eighth grade is wearing crop tops now,” according to daughter Maria Hanson.

Witnesses first reported noticing Hanson’s ineptitude at an area mall on Friday afternoon, when they noticed Maria getting more and more frustrated that she “couldn’t try on ANY crop tops,” continuing, “not even ripped jeans unless the rips were ‘tasteful.’”

“Mom!” Maria was seen commenting. “I’m absolutely NOT wearing a tank top underneath a crop top. Are you kidding me? Do you know how embarrassing that would be?”

The two were also reportedly seen at Lululemon, where Terri refused to buy her daughter 3” inseam
shorts but instructed her that she would “happily” buy her a headband or two, further inciting Maria’s rage.

Hanson was last seen refusing to go into PacSun, reportedly calling it “scary” and suggesting the Gap instead.

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