Ian Hits Tampa For His Epic Bachelor Party

Multiple groomsmen are allegedly planning on getting blown.

27-year-old Ian Schimmel is reportedly “taking Tampa by storm” with his buddies before getting hitched to longtime girlfriend Julia Crown.

“We’re hitting bars, we’re hitting the town, we’re hitting the beach,” recounted Ryan Pepper, Ian’s friend from college. “Everyone’s gonna get so sloshed.”

Schimmel is delighted to be marrying the “love of [his] life” in a few short weeks, but according to friends, he’s been “on an absolute terror” down in Tampa.

“Ian’s just been crushing beers this whole weekend. Actually, he’s been crushing shots too. You name it, Ian’s crushing it,” reported future brother-in-law Mark Matthews. “I haven’t seen anything like it since Andrew hit the town in 2018.”

Schimmel and his crew warned in social media posts ahead of the trip to “evacuate,” stating that “Tampa [wasn’t] ready for [them].”

At press time, a hungover Schimmel was seen complaining about the spins.

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