Midterm Elections Ask Voters To Decide Fate Of Democracy And Also Pick Guy Who Runs The Snow Plows

A very friendly snowplow driver
The 2022 election has been called “make-or-break,” and various local elections have been called “Greg’s big moment.”

Voters receiving absentee ballots in the mail were reportedly thrilled at the opportunity to choose their governor, state representatives, and between Dave and Harold, the guys running to be in charge of the county snowplows.

After a tumultuous few years of destabilization that saw a violent attack on theUnited States Capitol, as well as a couple mildly contentious county commission meetings, voters are faced with critical questions about the future of their liberal republic.

Control of Congress, and therefore, the fate of the free world, will be decided on November 8th, as will a race that has mainly centered around which brand of road salt that the county should buy.

“Voting is how we get our voices heard on issues that matter to us, like which potholes will get repaired first,” said one registered voter. “And also to pick the governor or whatever.”

Michigan has been noted to have relatively unimportant elections at the federal level, but further down the ballot, voters are eagerly anticipating decisions on critical issues such as the local library millage and lesser-known proposals like abortion and voting rights.

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