Close Friend’s Death Awesome For Area Woman’s Instagram Engagement

Hintz’s followers described her tribute as “touching” before scrolling to a Reel of a guy hitting a “sick” basketball trick shot.

Area woman Summer Hintz was reportedly “heartbroken” to learn that her close friend, Hayley O’Connor, passed away suddenly in a car accident last Tuesday, though she later reported that the incident would be “great” for her Instagram engagement.

“It’s just shocking how someone can be here one day and gone the next,” said Hintz through tears as she searched through her Google Photos archive to curate the perfect Instagram dump honoring O’Connor’s life.

O’Connor loved to run – according to friends, she was training for a half marathon – and spent one Sunday per month volunteering with Habitat for Humanity. “She just had a heart of gold,” said Hintz, who reported that no photos of these activities would be going on her Instagram because they made the two look “too sweaty.”

Hintz was last seen commiserating with other close friends and family of O’Connor, reportedly asking through tears, “do you think it would be better to caption it with a long paragraph about Hayley, or just something like ‘angel’ with the heart hands emoji?”

At press time, Hintz’s obituary post for her dear friend had over three times the number of likes as her previous post, a shot of her smiling at brunch.

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