Early 2000s Movie Way Better While Watching Through Window Of House That Forgot To Close Blinds

According to a recent study out of the University of Virginia, the average viewer finds movies from the early 2000s are far more enjoyable to watch when viewed through the windows of homes who forgot to close their blinds.

“This is something that’s intuitively made a lot of sense for some time,” said head researcher Susan Kerrington. “No one actually seeks these movies out, but something about watching a Will Ferrel movie at 11pm on TNT through your neighbor’s window is almost magnetic to the human psyche.”

“I have never in my entire life had the desire to sit at home and rewatch the 2004 film ‘Wedding Crashers,’” said study participant Jeffery Allenston. “That is, until I caught a glimpse through a window of Vince Vaugh and Owen Wilson pallin’ it up the only way they know how. These guys are hilarious!”

Kerrington and her team believe one of the explanations for this phenomenon is the inability of passersby to hear the dialog of the films they are snooping on. “The inability to hear the racism and misogyny passing as jokes triggers the viewer’s ‘nostalgia response’ and gives them a more positive reaction.”

At press time, Kerrington’s team was seeking funding to study a similar phenomenon between viewers and movies being played in cars along the highway.

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